Middle of America

I have so much to say about yesterday but that blog will have to wait. We traveled 590 miles yesterday. Most of the day was sunny and clear but we knew we were driving into some severe storm warnings. The last 200 miles of our drive was sporadic down pours and constant thunder and lightning. It was amazing! I love weather! As a kid, I truly believed I would be a storm chaser. And all those storms yesterday filled me with energy to get through that drive.

Today we will attempt about the same mileage but I am not sure we have got it in us. And I think abbey is growing less and less patient. This morning as Michael and I walked back from the registration office and I said “I’m so worn out I feel drunk.” To which he replied, “that means there is only one thing to do. Hit the road.”  Because we all know… We need more pseudo-drunks I the road.

Can’t wait to see where we end up!

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