Yesterday was yet another beautiful, mountainous, drive into Colorado. We only did about 293 miles but with some city driving it felt like more. 

We both knew that Colorado would be a challenge for us.  We know so many wonderful people and places here that we initially thought that we could linger here for a while and visit friends.   However, we are already going to be arriving in Asheville a few days later than planned, and the difficulty of finding safe places to park all of our earthly possessions has led us to the decision to keep on traveling.  

We arrived at an rv park that Michael had researched online. It was supposed to be about $30-$35 a night. The grounds were beautiful and well maintained. As we looked around though we felt a little out of place. Our uhaul/car trailers/camper combo seemed just a little more rugged than the newer motor coaches. Michael went to check in and the guy at the desk explained the sites were now $60 a night and we would have to pay for two. One for the uhaul and one for the camper. He continued telling Michael he should really go to “these places” because they would “better suit our needs.” Michael and I took a moment in disbelief. We called the other parks and no one answered. The guy at the rv park then offered us private cell phone numbers for the a couple of the other parks. We realized they really didn’t want us staying there. Which really confirmed my earlier feeling that some camper people might be kinda classist.  Michael doesn’t usually get angry very easily, so I was shocked when he reached over the counter, grabbed the guy by the collar and asked him, “When is the last time you had a good ol’ fashioned country ass whoopin’?” (And that sentence is what happens when your husband is your editor haha) Needless to say, we ended up staying somewhere else. 

Today we head into Kansas! We are so excited because there are severe thurnderstorms in the forecast. We may actually get to test out our camper that was designed to withstand an F -3 tornado 🙂 

… And if you don’t hear from us again, you’ll know what happened…

3 thoughts on “Colorado

  1. Oh dear 😦 I thought Colorado would be so welcoming to you guys… all American soldier and wife!! Things are going as they are supposed to, I guess in God’s bigger plan for you both!!
    Safe road trip to Kansas. If you see funnel clouds just hold on tight to my grand fur daughter Xxxooo.

  2. OMG Joella!!! What a horrible experience…. I am in shock that Michael did that… yet so proud at the same time!! LOL. I wish it was on video!!!

    It reminds me of the one and only time my mom saw Ray get a little short and said something grouchy to me as we were doing stuff in their kitchen… My mom thought the world of Ray.. and the look on her face when she heard him for the first time after 30 years raise his voice, I will never forget it. It was hysterical now that I look back on it. Her eyes about doubled in size for a moment.

    I can’t believe that camper place treated you this way! What a ridiculous price to pay… $60 a night? Per spot? You might as well stay in a hotel. Would love to know the name of the place.. to make sure we warn people to NOT go there.

    That experience also reminds me of the time Ray and I went to Pebble Beach on a driving trip. We were playing at golf courses as we went. We drove up in my blue Ford Fairmont…. Back in the 80’s… it wasn’t all that old… but as we know… it is just a regular car.. no Mercedes or anything Pebble Beach snobby style …. So we get to the parking lot clubhouse, get out our clubs… me with my old pink bag that my mom had used since the 1950’s….. on its old rolling cart… and walked in to ask how much and to pay. We felt like the Clampits from the Beverly Hillbillies… and slinked out when they said it was some astronomical price to pay.. and that we ALSO were required to rent a driving cart… we could not walk the course… we were thinking maybe we would be paying under $100 to play this special place…. It was like nearly $300 and up.. something crazy for the time. We still chuckle over it.

    Love to hear your stories.. but hope they are all pleasant ones for the rest of your journey!!! Pray you don’t get anywhere near any tornado activity. Hope Abigail is enjoying the scenery too!

    Hugs from me,


  3. It sounds as if the people at the R.V. park are little better than “wannabe” campers. Hey, look at it this way, we are all climbing partners, and as such,take it as a compliment that you guys appear ‘rugged’ and, for all intents and purposes like, “real campers.”

    “A farm of your own is better, even if small. Everyone’s someone at home. Though he has two goats and a coarsely roofed house, that is better than begging.”
    Hávamál, st. 36

    “The foolish man lies awake all night thinking of his many problems. When the morning comes he is worn out, and his trouble is just as it was.”
    Hávamál st. 23

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