Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee

Yesterday was the last of our two planned long days. We drove 546 miles from Lawrence Kansas to Clarksville Tennessee. Today is the final stretch! Only 343 miles to go! 

First, some well deserved awards:

Kansas City- Most Surprisingly Beautiful City

Missouri- Most incredible American Flags  


Illinois- The Worst Roads 

Kentucky- The Best Roads
Abbeygale- Most Patient and Loving Dog Ever!  

 Michael Long- Best Sense of Humor   

While I have enjoyed this trip across the US thoroughly, the long days were not as enjoyable. I hope to do this again but keep it at 300-400 miles a day. Plus, our camper is quite a bit of work. We climb up into the camper and up into the cab over, then remember I forgot something and repeat. I was worried I lost all climbing fitness but I think I am working on getting it back. We’ve also hit the camper’s organizational limits. I have no idea where anything is which I think will help us get on the road early. 

Also, in case anyone was wondering, with the expection of Denver, we have eaten only our food. I didn’t know if it would work, but it worked very well! I cooked a bunch of pancakes, veggie scramble, and we cooked pasta a few nights. I love my plant based diet and I am so happy it came along with me.   I feel that by eating our own food on our own schedule has kept us from getting too tired.  Neither one of us has gotten too groggy to drive, and we haven’t even been drinking any coffee.   That’s saying a lot for a lot of long days in the truck.

Thank you all for your support! I wanted to update you all that Colorado ended up being the only time we ran into jerks and had to pay for two spots. The rest of the nights we have either fit in one space or not been charged. And since Kansas, we have gotten a military discount at every site. I so appreciate the souths respect for military. It’s very healing.

Going to hit the road now. The Laughing Seed (our favorite restaurant in the world) awaits us 🙂 

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