Where the deer and the antelope roam…

We drove 309 miles of beautiful terrain yesterday from Ogden Utah to Rawlins Wyoming. Our route took us through the Uinta mountains in northern Utah into the plains of Wyoming. I had never realized how much elevation you gain while cruising along I-80.  Many areas were at 7000 feet, but there were no mountaintops… just rolling hills and sprawling desert with an incredible variety of colors and features.  I really want to make it back to Utah sometime. If the northern area is that beautiful I can only imagine what places like Alta Ski Resort and Moab are like. We also encountered some thunder and lightning yesterday afternoon which made for an interesting drive. Even in the brown rolling hills of Wyoming we were entertained by lightening bolts that stretched on for seemingly forever and happy pronghorn antelope grazing the feilds. Our country is spectacular!

One other thing we noticed…

We rejoiced at the prospect of stopping at the Little America Travel stops in Wyoming…  They are some of the coolest stops we’ve seen.  If you know us at all, we love America, so we couldn’t miss little America.  However, as we shopped around the store, we realized that almost all of the products featuring American flags or classic Wyoming scenery were all made in China.  While I’m grateful that there is an opportunity to buy imported low cost goods, I am shocked that there were no American made souvenirs to be found.  I wonder if we are the only weirdos out there who are looking at labels and trying to find more local and domestically-produced products.

One thought on “Where the deer and the antelope roam…

  1. Excellent points and I think you needed to experience the lows in Spain to really appreciate our America’s the Beautiful!!! Safe travels and keep sharing with us what you see and take in along the way. I hope you write a letter to Wyoming Tourism/chamber of commerce to tell them the disappointment in seeing items for sale made in CHINA!
    I love you both Happy travels.

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