Slow but moving

Yesterday we drove 331 miles to Ogden Utah. We had a late start so we didn’t make it as far as we wanted to. However, who is in a hurry? We had a blast cooking pasta watching the sunset and discussing our limited knowledge of the church of Latter Day Saints. Woah my iPhone auto corrected that to have capitals.

Anyway, Utah is beautiful! I wish we had time to explore. I’ve always wanted to see Salt Lake City and Moab. I am truly enjoying this time believe it or not. I’ve been listening to great podcasts and taking in the incredible vastness of this beautiful country. 

We will see where we end up today!

One thought on “Slow but moving

  1. Love sharing this journey with you!
    Safe exploring. You are so right.. I’ve always wanted to go back the way we came across the USA in 1979 in August. It was a beautiful drive !
    Love you.

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