Waking up in Idaho with a moving hang over

Bend to Caldwell Idaho was 295 miles of windy, winding, and bumpy highway 20. I would note how long it took us to travel that distance but that kind of truth seems too confronting for me this morning.

Yesterday was epic. We woke up at 7am to finish loading the moving truck and cars, met with our landlord for a final walk through, and drove to Caldwell, Idaho. Michael and I have promised each other we will never do a day like that again. And we have sworn off driving after dark for the rest of the trip.

I think today we will start to hit our stride. The RV park that Michael found for us it awesome! It was peaceful all night, has a dog park, and internet. It seems there is an awesome RV culture out there in America. I am excited to see what today brings!

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