Other Resources: For the LOVE of Plants!

There were other influences that have guided my journey in becoming plant based. Movies, podcasts, and local organizations can give you a boost of knowledge, community, or a reminder on why this shift is so valuable for your health and our planet.


Food Inc. – For me the journey to becoming plant-based really started with this film. Learning about the way in which our food is sourced was eye opening. While there are parts of this film that are hard to watch, it is not any hard core PETA material (PETA often shows the gross abuse of farmed animals).

Forks Over Knives – As I shared in a previous post, I love their cookbooks it really adds support to all that you learn in this film.

Food Choices – Similar to Forks Over Knives

Vegucated – There are a couple of harsh scenes  in this documentary, but a wealth of information as well. Even I, a very sensitive person, would recommend this one.

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead – This documentary is a bit more light hearted and personable. It follows people switching to a juice and plant-based diet for health.


The Rich Roll Podcast – I started listening to this podcast in spring of 2015 as Michael and I uprooted our lives and moved across the country. As I spent hours on the road (we drove separately) consuming all the knowledge offered on this podcast from both the host and his wide variety of guests, I felt as though I experienced a transformation. The podcast has continued to be a source of information to shatter the limits I once placed on myself and where I continue to go to keep fueling myself for a full life.


Happy Cow – This app has guided Michael and I to plant-based restaurants all over the world! It is also great at highlighting restaurants that have plant-based/vegan options in addition to a regular menu which makes it a great tool when meeting up with friends and family that are not plant-based.


Eat & Run by Scott Jurek – Not only is incredible to read about Scott Jurek’s journey to ultra-marathon hero but this book is full of delicious recipes and inspiration from a vegan endurance athlete!

Grow Great Grub By Gayla Trail I love all the creative ways in which Gayla highlights anyone anywhere can grow fresh veggies!

Finding Ultra – A great read to learn more about Rich Roll’s journey to eating plant-based and participating in endurance sports


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