Websites: For the LOVE of Plants!

There are excellent websites out there on the world wide web with awesome information about eating a plant-based diet, alternatives to your former favorite foods, and delicious recipes.

Check them out!

The Post Punk Kitchen – Isa Chandra is the master mind behind the Post Punk Kitchen and she is a master at making anything you used to eat (brownies, all of Thanksgiving, mac and cheese) vegan. Her recipes were so helpful for me in the early days.

Oh She Glows– Angela Liddon has created a vegan recipe oasis on her blog Oh She Glows. She offers over 500 recipes, has published multiple cookbooks, and now has an App! This website was a huge help when getting started eating plant based and keeping meals tasty.

Simple Veganista– I find myself getting sent back to this website time after time. To be honest, I have never really sorted through the pages or gone to this website on my own. Instead, every time I am stuck and google something like “vegan lentil burgers” this website has the recipe. It never steers me wrong!

The Minimalist Baker – This is one of my favorite places to go to find anything from deserts to full meals. While the blog is not specifically vegan or gluten-free, all the recipes note how to make it vegan and/or gluten free. I appreciate their transparency, it is hard to please the vegan community so I can understand shying away from labeling yourself as such. I appreciate that by never declaring themselves vegan it makes how to substitute transparent. I have learned a lot from their recipes including how to whip up a vegan egg for baking!

Other recipe & meal services:

 22 Days Nutrition sells products at Target stores and offers meal delivery

Lighter is an awesome service that starts with the tools you have in your kitchen, asks for your allergies, and then offers recipes based on that information. They also have a meal service and eventually will deliver groceries at your doorstep. Very exciting!

Rich Roll’s Meal Planner  is powered by Lighter to offer recipes more in line with Rich Roll’s vegan gluten free lifestyle, I will post more information about him in my next blog about plant-based movies and podcasts!

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