Here is something I feel no one warned me about: reaching a point of success where you don’t make enough money to live yet but people begin to recruit you!

As if getting through this crux, as I have described in previous blogs isn’t enough, I have not one but two job opportunities that have come up in the past week. In both scenarios I hear “it’s a sure thing,” “you’d be perfect for it,” and the worst one yet, “we would be lucky to have your expertise.” Each comment feeling like an arrow in my people pleasing, validation seeking, heart.

I just want to acknowledge how incredibly tempting that “security” truly feels. And I say “security” because no employment situation is really that secure. The only secure part about most therapist employment opportunities is that it will be just enough pay to keep me right where I am at… nothing more nothing less. But that steady drip of regular income starts to sound so sweet.


I feel like this must be a sign our presentation at the American Family Therapy Academy’s national conference next week is going to be awesome! All this temptation has to mean something is afoot…

But I am not going to lie, I sent in my resume to the person who said “we would be lucky to have your expertise”…. who can turn that ass kissing down?!?!

One thought on “Stick-to-it-iveness

  1. Just like your mama with-” the tenacity that keeps the old chewing gum stuck to the bedpost at night”
    You are growing into to your Dreams!

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