Touring Alcatraz Backward

Last week I had the privilege of being in San Francisco with my husband and my mom for her birthday. We had such a great time we are already plotting what we will do next year!

I keep reflecting on how rejuvenating of a trip it was. Planning a trip on a budget to a very expensive city for three people had left me feeling I would disappoint my mom and husband at some point. I was so focused on numbers, times, and tickets, I didn’t have time to imagine how great it could be. But the moment we picked up my mom at the airport, it was all put in perspective. We had all made it there to spend time together in a beautiful place.

My favorite part of the whole trip was taking the Alcatraz island tour. The moment we got onto the ferry, the Blue Angels began their Fleet Week dance across the bay. It was amazing to be on the water with them flying directly overhead. As we exited the boat the guides corralled us like sheep into a corner on the island to go over common sense like don’t mess with birds or leave trash. I found myself sneaking further and further from the crowd drawn in by the Blue Angels soaring overhead and captured this image:

It was an incredible moment. Soon my husband and mom joined me and we started walking down an island trail watching the Blue Angels. We decided to stay on the trail, enchanted by the huge agave plants and hummingbirds. We ended up at the prison and realized we had started at the end. The three of us agreed, “Let’s just take the tour backward.” It was an awesome experience taking a self guided tour through the prison which was now full of people monotonously pacing through listening to the audio tour. We took turns making up facts and telling stories. It made me realize where my entrepreneurial sense comes from. My mom’s ability to take chances and not conform to others rules and my husbands free flowing creativity. These two forces shape my life and are helping build a business that will help many and revive the dying art of systemic therapy.

I spent the first 3 days loving all that the big city has to offer and the last 3 days excited to get back to work and my small town. It was so refreshing!

It also reminds me of something I tell clients all the time, “practical is not always practical.” Of course we could have used the money we spent in San Francisco in other ways, but having time away to feed your spirit always proves to be more profitable going forward.

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