10k a Day

A little over a year ago I was listening to an interview with Robin Arzon on the Rich Roll podcast. They were discussing how habits shape life and Robin threw out the challenge to run a 5k (3.1 miles) every day in the months that are 31 days long. At the time that seemed nearly impossible. At the time I was celebrating running two or three times a week but was starting to dream the lofting goal of being an ultra-distance trail runner.

So when I heard Robin on Rich’s podcast again a couple weeks ago and she threw out the challenge a 10k (6.2 miles) a day for the month of July, I was all over it. Her exact words were, “what if you can fly?” And that sums up the last two years of my life.

After loosing so much in the house fire, I have continually questioned everything. The fire created fertile grounds for recreating life. Added on top of that was that Michael and I were debt free. There was really nothing in our way but ourselves. So in the process of rebuilding I have bumped up against these questions and started to wonder. It has been as simple as adding an additional question. Instead of just thinking about the evidence I had that appeared to prove what could go wrong or why I couldn’t do something, I forced myself to ponder the evidence that I could.

Every time I have done this exercise I have realized my “evidence” for why I couldn’t was often as made up or unknown as the “evidence” that I could. In essence, it was never evidence at all. They were just rules I had made up and stopped questioning.

The other part was realizing just how many flipping times I give everyone else (literally everyone else) the benefit of the doubt EXCEPT myself. So basically, I was always willing to put my money on someone else but not on myself. …. It doesn’t take a degree in marriage and family therapy to figure out, that is messed up!

So, this past year in particular, I have let rules go. I have tested my limits and have been unbelievably rewarded. My body and mind continue to adapt making it possible to take it to the next level or to start to dream bigger and bigger.

And here I am, day 6 of the 10k a day. More tired than I thought I would be, but also extremely happy with what I have experienced. It has forced me to run when I otherwise would not, whether it be muscle soreness or hot weather, it has brought about so much perspective on my business and direction, and most of all I am reminded every day that I am capable of so much more than I ever thought possible.


Robin Arzon


Rich Roll Podcast


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