Those Moments

For the past couple of weeks I feel I keep running into those magical moments when the Universe responds with a resounding “YES!”

My thirty one miles for thirty one years project for my birthday went relatively flawlessly. I was planning on making a video, and I sitll might, but the GoPro camera pooped out after the first bike ride…. so we will see what I can do with pictures and phone camera video.

Those thirty one miles felt magical though. This was the first birthday I felt I took full control. I didn’t rely on others and hope that they some how read my mind and guessed exactly what I wanted to have happen and then perfectly execute it. That is way too much to ask. Instead, I took a long look at myself and my life and asked “how do I want to spend my time on my birthday?” knowing full well that Michael and my friends had to work. It was easy then to plan a challange involving some of my favorite sports. Here is the break down in case you missed it on instagram and facebook:

18.4 mile road bike

4.2 mile mountain bike

4.4 mile trail run

4 mile road run with Fleet Feet

On top of all that birthday fun has been opportunities in business and running that have come up. A few runners I really look up to have taken interest in my running and I’ve been invited to group runs I always wanted to attend.

Business is still limping along, but at least I have made more connections and had more confirmation that I am in the right spot doing the right stuff for the time being. It would be great to one day make a paycheck though. But this time around, I feel confident in the foundation I am building for the practice. This time I am going to have more teaching opportunities and community involvement than before. I am hoping that leads to a lot more satisfaction and less time sitting in a small office.


One thought on “Those Moments

  1. Dear Joella,
    I couldn’t begin to express how wonderful it is to watch you celebrate 31 years of life in the most healthy energic ways! Very proud of your efforts reaching out to ALL in your new community to offer all the best tools in teaching & reaching mental health support goals.

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