(Insert Girlish Scream Here)

I never really had a problem with bugs in life. In fact, I have always loved being out in nature.

But North Carolina has ruined that for me. These bugs are aweful! And most of them literally haunt me in my dreams. I am sure if we had moved into a house that had been maintained I wouldn’t have felt as shocked. When we walked into this house and flipped on the lights it was something out of a horror film. Crickets, spiders, and ants scurrying around like they owned the place.

So in case you have been sleeping soundly with no worries on your mind…. Take a look at these creeps!!!



IMG_4505 IMG_4553 IMG_4713

That spider is especially terrifying because he’s like “bitch, I am missing a leg and I’ll still kill you!!”


Sweet Dreams 🙂

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