It’s so funny how perspectives can shift and we get the blessing of seeing things in a new light. Sometimes this happens at church during an excellent sermon, sometimes it happens in talking with friends, and sometimes it happens in the process of therapy. Today I learned sometimes it happens when you do something just plain FUN!

So, Michael and I had been talking about getting a scooter when we live in Bend since there is only one major highway and most of our driving will be in the 25-45mph range. So today, when our kind neighbor rolled her scooter to the end of the driveway with a for sale sign we decided to take a leap. And I am so GLAD we did! 

After an evening of the wind in my hair and learning something new I experienced a welcomed perspective shift. I was reminded of a time when Michael shared that when he was nearing my age everything seemed so serious. He reflected that “looking back, I felt like it was all make or break but now I see that nothing was truly make or break.” So today when I was riding my new scooter (mostly trying to figure out how to ride without giggling to myself) I realized… yeah all this travel and life decisions stuff is important but none of it is truly make or break. We are just like everyone else, making the best decisions we can with what we’ve got  🙂 IMG_3282

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