Packing for the Unknown

T-Minus 11 days.

The more we put time and effort into closing down our modern lives and becoming pilgrims the more unknowns we discover. The unknown has its perks though, we have thought of places and people to visit and come up with creative ways to make our journey last. But it also has its difficulties. How does one prepare to leave a known existance and plan for the unknown?

I find myself reorganizing, repacking, replanning, and pairing down but none of it makes sense. Michael and I have talked about taking the time to do the camino in order to have time to talk about what we want to do with our time off. That was a great idea in theory, but it leaves a lot unknown.

Maybe this is just what it feels like to rebel against modern society. 

I guess thats the thing with this adventure, I am seeing there are a lot of dichotomies. On one hand, we have been planning for this for a year now. On the other, there are so many unanswered questions. On one hand, we value our friends and loved ones. On the other, its important for us to try out living 7 hours away from them. On one hand we are longing for a place to call our own and to build our business. On the other, this is a window of opportunity we feel driven to explore. And the grand dichotomy of it all, literally all my favorite people are having babies and planning a large portion of their lives to accomodate their young ones, while I am cutting off commitments and leaping into the unknown.

Well, I feel like this blog describes it… I am all over the place. Filled with contentment, peace, and terrified at the same time. If that’s not living life to its fullest, I don’t know what is.

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