Camino de Santiago

Yup. You read that correctly.

3 years later (almost to the day) the Camino has entered into my world again. I blame Steven Pressfield and his incredible  book “The War of Art.”

In one small easy to read book my experience of the Camino de Santiago was completely reframed leaving me desiring another attempt.

At the time, the Camino appeared to be a torturous tourist gauntlet for the emotionally wounded middle aged adult with too much money. However, over the last three years of hard work building a business and a community in Bend while pursuing ultra marathons I have learned I love the challenge. I thrive in the struggle. Or to put it in Army terms, “I love the suck.”

Given that the nature of sitting with individuals, families, and couples through their toughest moments is both heartbreaking and inspiring, I have come to accept that most experiences worth having are in fact the most challenging. Those emotionally taxing difficult times are where we learn and grow in the most inspiring ways.

So the Camino has some negatives but I am not ok with it being left undone. In fact, Michael and I have often joked that maybe we are cursed for bailing that fall afternoon in 2014.

We are only in the preliminary stages of planning but it is time for us to conquer once and for all. Or as Michael loves to say, “Final Confrontation.”

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