I do not fear Trump BECAUSE I am a Woman.

As I write this, I am on a morning run in a foreign highland town in Scotland. The sun has not risen, I am not entirely sure of my location, my partner is asleep back at the airbnb, and my cell phone is useless here. Still as my feet meet the trail and I hear my breath smooth and constant it reminds me of my power and my strength.

I feel relieved to not be in America right now being berated with fearful narratives. I feel at ease being reminded my strength and power are internal. I pack them where ever I go. Even if I am lost in the dark in another country.

I find myself feeling angry reflecting on America. People have asked me repeatedly for my thoughts on Trump on this trip. And as I have had time to digest and reflect I find myself angry with the people protesting. I refuse to protest our country and the very system that has made such progress in human rights. I refuse to let media bully me into believing that only one political party represents my diverse beliefs and the diverse beliefs of American women. Women hold the power to bring life into the world, we do not need a political savior nor should our rights or ground be shaken by one man. Our foremothers would be ashamed that we are letting one man doubt our safety or progress. They fought for our ability to have options and a voice. Our foremothers fought so that we wouldn’t have one person or one set of beliefs to rule us.

What messages are we sending women around the world? That women’s rights exist in America but only in one political party? That the freedom to vote is something to protest? That men in general are evil and don’t protect women’s rights? That women’s rights and the rights of the lgbtq community are contextual and party dependent? I for one, refuse to let my safety and my best interest be represented by one party or one religion or one person. Whatever change needs to take place, should ALWAYS happen regardless of who the elected president is. That is how women have made progress. They didn’t wait for anyone or a particular political climate.

And all this protest and noise is simply drowning out the conversation that really needs to happen. What political changes are important to people? Everyone seems pissed off but there isn’t a lot of conversation about why. Also, let’s be real, Trump obviously is not a typical republican evidenced by his twitter feed. Therefore we finally have a Republican Party not bound by religious doctrine. And to me, that is an awesome step for America.

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