Smith Rock Ascent

Wow. 31 miles and 4,100 feet elevation gain…. Although my watch says it was 5,688 feet elevation gain.

It was the most difficult endurance event I have ever done and also the most rewarding. Having completed my first 50k just 7 months ago, I felt mentally prepared for this one. It also helped to have my mom and hubby tracking my run and encouraging me along the way. I kept visualizing that finish line the whole time.

Here are some pictures of the day:

This was taken from the first 5 miles of the race climbing up switch backs
This was about mile 10 ish. It was beautiful rolling downhill.
Mile 15. A glorious mile for me as I felt awful between miles 13 & 15. But that brief moment of shade from the cloud and a gust of wind reminded me I had finished the largest climb of the run and kept me going.
More rolling downhill around mile 18
A rancher decided to remove the race markers and let his cows roam. Luckily by this time I was with a great group of runners and we were able to track all of the shoe prints. Also, I had hubby tracking me with my new Garmin watch so he was able to confirm a few miles later that we were on the right trail.
I love cows! They were so kind letting all of us runners by. You could tell they were stressed trying to watch over their babies.
So happy to be finished!!!

I set out for this race with three things in mind. One, I had seen this race just last year and had thought to myself, “I could NEVER do that. Maybe I should try a half marathon some time.” Two, I had a goal of finishing faster than my first ultra even though the terrain was much more difficult. And three, what a beautiful course!!! There is something so magical about Smith Rock. I have felt so blessed to train there and live so close. It was incredible, after all the detours of the past year, to be there in that moment in that place.

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