April 7th

I had imagined finding the perfect combination of words to express all that has changed in the three years following the fire. Some poetically written expression of the experience I have lived and the gratitude I feel. As if a summary of human growth and development is even possible.

Instead, I looked around that day and reflected on where I am. All of it a result of the fire that shook me awake and begged me to rebuild. And I realized the perfect representation was right in front of me.


Nature has a way of reflecting the past and at the same time keeping us present. This plant, once scorched almost to death has begun in the past two years to regrow. Despite 4 moves in the past year and a half, it continues to thrive once again.

4 thoughts on “April 7th

  1. Hi Joella & Michael,
    Love this analogy!!
    Beautiful new life is here!!!
    I love you both and I am so proud of all you have come through with pure strength, tenacity and beauty just like your Tea tree!!

  2. Death and Rebirth seems to be a popular theme that has been popping up in my life everyday for a course of a few years now….though…. I just recently started noticing.
    The story of your plant definitely hits home for me. As a matter of fact I believe the universe might be trying to tell me something. Perhaps its time I start listening.
    Thank you for sharing this. Also, I hope you, Michael, and the fur baby are well.

    1. Interesting. Looks like I need to read your blog 🙂 We are doing well. Finally settled back into Bend. Hope you and your fur baby are well!

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