2 Cross Country Moves in One Year

Yep! That’s right! We are packing up to head back to the Pacific Northwest!

This past year has made me believe more than ever in a Universal power much greater than myself. The way everything has come together and we have ended up at the right spot at the right time on several occasions has been mind-blowing and life changing. Once again, we had one of those moments. We are currently selling Michael’s mom’s house (the one we are living in and fixing up) and I began to look for housing in the area for after it sells. The rental market here is just like Bend if not worse. And so a conversation started about what if we moved back…

But it didn’t really start there. It began when we first arrived and I was hired at a private practice pending my licensure approval. I spent my first couple weeks here scurrying around collecting what signatures and information I needed to apply. However, I missed one crucial piece of information… the North Carolina Board of MFTs goes on a summer break! Whaaaat?!?! Yep, every year NC board of MFTs takes two months off from approving licenses. So, I was not going to be able to get my license approved until September which was obviously too long for a busy private practice to wait. I decided to not send in my license packet, why pay $240 and wait 3-4 months for approval when I could just send it in when they were back from summer vacation. Very shortly after all of this decision was made, Michael’s mom died, and life took a huge unforeseen turn. Suddenly instead of just getting our life started here in NC, and oh yeah, remodeling a house, Michael was now managing his mom’s estate and working full time for his friend’s step-dad’s business. For 3 months I applied to MFT job after MFT job knowing that we were at a point in life where private practice would be on the back burner. I never heard from any of those places.

So in early August we began to joke “what if we were just supposed to be in Asheville to help Mommy L”, “wouldn’t that be funny if we just moved back to Bend,” “I wonder if there is a “2 cross country moves in one year” club that we could join.”

And suddenly in my inbox was an email from my friend and colleague with a job ad for the type of therapy I was doing as a part of my private practice in Gig Harbor. I applied, heard back very quickly, interviewed and BAM! Hired.  That’s crazy enough but then BAM! BAM!  They decide to hire Michael as well.

Now, as I write this blog, once again surrounded by packing tape, boxes, and a worried husky, I find myself once again astonished at where this past year has taken Michael and I. The many countries and cities we have visited have forever changed us. But most of all, I am happy to be back in a state of being ready to read the signs in life and ready at a moments notice to give up my agenda for a greater plan.

One thought on “2 Cross Country Moves in One Year

  1. Wonderful Roller Coaster ride!!! I love you both and look forward to sharing the same time zone once again!

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