Last week I started a heart-felt blog about all that Michael and I had experienced while here in Bend. The wonderful people we’ve met, the career decisions we have made, the struggles we have endured. But then I realized. I am trying too hard to rationalize our most recent decision. I know that it sounds crazy to people. That without knowing us personally and talking to us at least weekly over the past 6 months our decision seems like it came out of no where.

So I deleted that blog.

If there is one thing I have learned and re-learned in life, it is that you just can’t force things. You can prepare, work hard, and set goals, but the best outcomes are often not the ones you set out to find. The best outcomes are the ones that come together in a way that fit so perfectly no human could have ever planned it. And instead of justifying all the reasons and rationalizing our decision, I’d just like to share that Michael and I have been blessed with one of those outcomes.

We knew we were setting out on a journey. We planned, we prepared, we saved, and we took the leap. And things just weren’t fitting together. The past 6 months, while fun, have felt like swimming upstream. I started to wonder where all this went wrong. What did we not plan? Then, I wrote this:

We called it our adventure

We thought we had planned it and the parts that didn’t make sense to us were our errors

What we didn’t know was that we actually joined God’s adventure

Opening our hearts and tuning into hear Him

The eternal energy of the universe had been calling us for a long time

Begging us to reorient our minds and focus our vision on that which is happening deep below culture, careers, and plans

We just thought we were going on a trip and moving to a new state.

So with that, I will announce, we are moving to Asheville, North Carolina next month!

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