From Four Star To No Star

DSCF1716 DCIM100GOPRO DSCF1724We arrived in Puente La Reina ahead of schedule and we were so grateful to find a hotel. We ended up meeting great people that evening. It was nice to talk with others about the Camino. We were not the only ones growing tired of food with hair in it, over priced food or drink compared to locals sitting right next to us, and the overwhelming crowd that seemed to engulf these small Spanish towns. We met a wonderful couple from Australia. We were grateful to finally meet some people who were doing the Camino to spend time together like we were, not because someone died or because of a divorce. Just for the joy of it.

DSCF1734 DCIM100GOPROThe next day we continued on to Estrella. It was another beautiful walk and we felt blessed that we were about to find some free wifi and book another hotel. It started to feel like despite a cold and feeling a little ripped off, we were finding a rhythm.

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