Not in a nutshell

The trip doesn’t fit in a nutshell. I have tried to blog about it, honestly. I have like four saved drafts. But I don’t know how to begin to share our adventure. So I am doing it digital slide show style!

So here we are:


Ahh… look at us so excited for our trip. We hadn’t slept in 36 hours as moving before leaving the country turned out to be a horrible idea. I guess maybe it was some foreshadowing of the many ridiculous expectations I had for myself and the trip…


Madrid was beautiful! We were only there for two days before we headed out on the camino but it was a magical two days! The weather was perfect and it was easy for me to adapt to the siesta culture. Afternoon naps rock.


Oh look, a deceptively cute picture of St. Jean Pied de Port. We arrived in France via a bus ride from hell (it was more of a roller coaster than bus ride and at about 30 minutes in it began to smell of vomit…. don’t take the bus). It was a picturesque town and of course iconic to the start of the camino Frances. It just is unfortunately located in France hahahah sorry, I can’t resist the jokes….


Here is the only highlight of France. Delicious sandwiches delivered by hot hubby. Oh yeah and the photoshoot we did out of boredom was pretty good…




Then on a humid, early morning, August 31st, we set out on our camino.

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