I can’t believe it. It took 33 days. I’m having a homesick moment. I’m missing knowing what others are talking about, cooking for myself, my puppy, my friends and family. I’m missing the Gig Harbor house and our friendly neighbors.
I’m so grateful for this time and experience but let’s face it. I’m a therapist not just by profession but by heart and soul. I value relationships and smiling at others or saying hello. I value human autonomy and the ability to make choices for themselves on what they eat/wear/drive/spend their time doing.
Uh-oh. This is happening. It’s becoming an I love America post. But I will say it proudly, I love America! I love freedom. I love that I woke up and thought “I want my own business” and made it happen in a week. I love that we have the blessing of choice every minute of every day. We vote and it counts. We can join together and be heard! Not jailed or killed. Women can choose men who are not violent and respect their bodies! Men can choose women who choose them. In a bad marriage? YOU can change that. Don’t like your profession? YOU can change that. Want to drive across the country? YOU can do that! Let’s boil it down, in America you can do pretty much anything you want as long as it doesn’t harm or infringe on someone else. And we don’t pay 50% in taxes (well not yet…).
Many won’t say it anymore, but I will. These freedoms are so beautiful and so life altering they are worth fighting for. We may have presidents that don’t go about it in the right way, but freedom has to be valued and cherished by others or it dies. And each American has not only a voice through voting but by choosing to live in America. If you don’t like America you have the blessing of choosing from a wide variety of other places to live.
I remember going to Liberia the last time in 2008. I was shocked that so many Liberians had interest in our presidential election. It seemed everyone wanted to discuss it. It made me realize Americans are not the only ones with vested interest. We set a standard of living, opportunity, and hope for many people all over the world. And when you think about it that way, your voice, your vote, your protest could really represent others all over the world. Others who dream of living in a country without the threat of watching their family be murdered for their religious affiliation. Others who dream of a place where their children can get a FREE education. Others who dream of a place where they can be treated for illnesses that are easily treated in America.
It’s time for America to stop taking these things for granted and not taking action. We have a responsibility beyond ourselves, the next generation. We have a responsibility to offer the world a different option than communism, tyranny, or martial law. We offer liberty and justice for ALL!!! Not just Christians, not just tan people with biceps, not just rich people, EVERYONE! And that is something to hold near and dear. It’s worth fighting to keep and share with those who choose to cherish it too.

I also love that I live in country where I can post this. It’s not fact, it’s not researched. It’s my heart and opinion. It’s something I experienced and can share. And guess what?!? You can choose to hate it! To get mad about it! And even to argue with it 🙂


One thought on “Homesick

  1. Missing you more!!! YOU ARE HAVING LIFE CHANGING GROWTH AND AWARENESS . In ways so many never get to experience over a lifetimexxxooo

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