This one’s for the boys (Michael)

It has been brought to my attention that I am not doing enough to attract male readers to our blog. This post is a deliberate effort to balance out our readership. If you are the typical American guy, read closely….

1. Spain and southern France are home to many sporting events. In fact, our hotel in Madrid was mere footsteps from the European Aquatic Sports Championship. I’ll spare you the spoilers… But the finals in men’s underwater basket weaving was an edge-of-your-seat thriller for sure.

2. I’d be happy to tell you about it over a BEER, WINE, or SPIRIT! They have lots of booze here, and if you drink enough of it you can forget about the Obama presidency or how you are an embarrassment to your family because you never became an astronaut.

3. Butt cleavage. The European fashion world is leading the way in the fight for the rights of men who are not prisoners of our gender’s centuries long obsession with breasts. They have made women’s shorts so short here, that 59% of all men here have constant bruises on the tops of there heads due to a combination of their constant downward glances and the abundance of decorative street lamps. Remember men, those bruises aren’t injuries, or signs of obsessive perversion… They are a sign of freedom from boob- centered oppression. !Vive la resistance!

Guys, please let me know if I have sparked your interest.

3 thoughts on “This one’s for the boys (Michael)

  1. Jim read this post first and definitely had a smile when passing to me to catch up on your Adventure! So know that he is also one of your followers!

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